Embarcadero AppWave Store (beta) opens to developers

The AppWave Store (beta) from Embarcadero is now opened for developers. Embarcadero even offers a FREE (TIME LIMITED) registration for 1 YEAR (otherwise a $99/year fee will apply).  After the registration you’ll get access to the AppWave (beta), where you can use the AppWave Studio to convert your software into AppWave apps. The additional good news is that most (if not all) of the countries are supported and the payment will be using PayPal.

So what’s this AppWave stuff, anyway ? Now Embarcadero answers with more details:

The first PC apps store that delivers a mobile-like app experience to your customers, for your Windows applications. AppWave lets your customers experience apps-not the traditional software hassles of buying, licensing, and installation

Apps are the key to accelerating PC software utilization and sales. The streamlined app experience on mobile platforms kicked off a tidal wave of software purchasing and utilization. AppWave is about to deliver the same streamlined experience for PC software.Traditional software applications, installers, and delivery systems put barriers between apps and users. AppWave breaks down those barriers–making it easy to find, try, buy and run PC apps–giving users a mobile experience on their PC.Using the Free AppWave Studio to create an app of your traditional software application is easy and requires no changes or modifications to your software. AppWaveʼs built-in elastic licensing technology allows users to easily increase license capacity as their usage increases. All of this means you can sell more without expensive and complicated sales and marketing efforts 

Comparing the newly updated web store with the previous/unfinished version (mentioned here) reveals a lot of new details, so bellow I’ll highlight some of them:

  1. AppWave Developer’s benefits:

    • Using the Free AppWave Studio to create an app of your traditional software application is easy and requires no changes or modifications to your software
    • Code then Cash: Forget about licensing, packaging, and distribution
    • Allow users to easily search, browse and run your App, and keep them instantly updated with the latest version
    • Users can add ratings and reviews for your application
    • Pick your own price, get 70% of sales revenue, payed monthly over PayPal
    • You pay NO FEES for: free apps, credit card payments, hosting, marketing, license management, trials
  2. AppWave User’s benefits:

    • Runs on-demand without installation (one-click), without affecting the Windows registry or OS
    • Easily search and browse into the store to find applications, can add ratings and reviews
    • Updated on-demand to the last version of the app
  3. AppWave Features:

    • Discovery – Your apps are easily found by search and can be rated and reviewed
    • Instant Access – Apps get into users hands with one-click
    • Always Available – Apps go where you go, can run from anywhere and recover anytime with no installs
    • Convenience – Simple to upload, simple to access

Additionally, Embarcadero made available The AppWave Developer FAQ and also included a sneek peek animation of the AppWave in action (http://signup.appwavestore.com/video3.swf):

Additional AppWave Reviews:
– Marco Cantu’s Understanding Embarcadero AppWave
– Tim Anderson’s Another Windows app store – but this time it is virtual. Embarcadero’s AppWave promises instant installs


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