Delphi 64-bit Compiler and 64-bit VCL in action

Delphi x64 used to be a very hot topic for long time … but finally, after a lot of roadmap overhauls and promises from Borland, CodeGear and lately Embarcadero, and after a lot of FUD and “Delphi-is-dead” discussions on various blogs, forums and other Delphi haters, the FIRST, OFFICIAL and PUBLIC release of Delphi 64-bit (beta) was just announced  by Embarcadero, and is available here. To be fair, under Embarcadero Delphi absolutely got a better treatment and we witnessed so far more commitments toward the product quality and the openness for the user demands. Hopefully with the new release (x64) and the future developments (X-Platform/Mac/Linux, … maybe ARM compiler ?!) Embarcadero will earn the “Delphi Saver” mark and will be the best home for the good-old Borland tools.

Aside from the announcement, David I. made a very informative visual presentation of the new Delphi 64-bit features and IDE integration also pointing out the major differences when programming for 64-bit.

Even that I absolutely recommend to watch the full video,  I took the liberty to extract (from the official video) just the part demonstrating the new Delphi x64 IDE integration, to highlight how smooth the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit will be.

As seen into the video (and detailed bellow) to re/compile a regular Delphi project for x64 (basically without any code changes !), you just have to add/switch the target platform from 32-bit to 64-bit into the updated Project Manager including now a new configuration node named “Target Platforms”.  I expect that into the future RAD Studio versions (XE2, XE3…) we will witness how the target platforms will be extended with Mac-OS/X, Linux … an who know, hopefully ARM  🙂

Delphi IDE – Target Platforms

Not a definitive conclusion, but as we can see, the 64-bit Delphi IDE integration is looking quite good, being simple and intuitive. Hopefully, Embarcadero will provide more information and features demonstrations of the new Delphi x64 soon.

Great work so far from the Embarcadero guys ! … And now the Delphi-haters should step forward and start complaining 🙂

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8 Responses to Delphi 64-bit Compiler and 64-bit VCL in action

  1. Michael Thuma says:

    >>And now the Delphi-haters should step forward and start complaining
    Press F5 … and don’t blame my neighbour on Blogspot … the Delphi world would simply be not so exciting without him – Anyway the preview is here and this is ok.


  2. R Alves says:

    Better coming late then never coming, but very out of time. The demonstration is very simple and just to show that Embarcader is indeeed working on it and induce developers to spend more a few hundred bucks on Delphi XE to be able to have priority to test the 64-bit beta first.
    We are all deluded with the route Delphi took in last few years and common sense tells us to wait to see.
    I still do not understand why Embarcadero has enforced Unicode after Delphi 2009, the company is not chinese. This made conversion of old programs a nightmare. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 allows both Unicode and Ansi compilation in both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and is very easy starightforward to convert source code written as far as VC 6, which in general is automatically converted.
    Delphi programs became so bloated, even a simple Hello World is over 800 Kb. I wonder how large the 64-bit counterpart will be.
    Waiting seated….

  3. moondancer says:

    delphihaters comes from a shithole in Romania …
    here is the shitters profile :

  4. Rathlo says:

    R Alves, I agree with you 100%. I must say that I’m very confused even with the release names. From Delphi X they switched to RAD Year, now XE…simply Delphi X (where X is a number) would be more than enough. I have a lot od 32 bit dlls which I can’t use in W7 64 bit, so I’m waiting for D 64 bit every day. The 64 bit version of Delphi will be late for some 3 years and Embarcadero really let us down.

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