CodeRage 7 – Day 1 Highlights: Marco Cantu is the new Delphi Product Manager, RAD Mobile Studio demoed, relevant links

Embarcadero’s Coderage 7 conference Day 1 started with a great announcement, so I took the chance  to congratulate  Marco Cantu  that  joined Embarcadero as Delphi Product Manager . It is quite fortunate to have the Master of Delphi himself with his full expertise (writing tons of Delphi books, a great and frequent speaker in a lot of Delphi conference, opens source contributor…) to be in charge of Delphi’s future. Bringing his practical expert user/developer perspective into the overall Embarcadero’s vision regarding Delphi should have a big, positive impact.  It remains to be seen how much liberty Marco will have to decide in regard of development priorities/choices. Maybe with this announcement,  it is also a good opportunity for Embarcadero to let FREE (to acquire) some late Marco’s books (as ebooks) to form sort of new Delphi Developer Guides.

While Marco’s appointment was the best news so far, the demo performed with the new RAD Mobile Studio (for XE3 ?!) was definitely great demonstrating the (non-vaporware!) current status of development and the Embarcadero commitment to the mobile focused (Android and iOS) roadmap . I took the chance to make some screenshoots to have a look of the nice & natural integration of the new mobile plugin into the  RAD Studio. 

RAD Mobile Studio Visual Designer

RAD Mobile Studio Visual Designer + iOS Simulator

RAD Mobile Studio Visual Designer + iOS Simulator

Bonus: Here are some relevant links that I collected during #coderage 7


Oracle ADFMobile: The key point – A lightweight/headless (~ 10M) JVM is put now on iOS & Android with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript integration

Oracle just announced ADF Mobile that is a mobile web framework based on the Oracle’s own ADF but this time targeting mobile developments on iOS and Android.

Aside the overall user advertised features (HTML5, Java, ADF, CSS3, JavaScript, REST) the really STRONG key-point I see is that it actually runs FULL Java on iOS and Android over an a lightweight/headless JVM deployed/embedded with the application, being practically the first mass Java based platform running successfully on iOS …. It will be interesting to see how Apple will react to this good news (for Java developers).

So here are some of the relevant links related to the just announced ADF Mobile framework and the underlying JVM:

“…An application developed with ADF Mobile contains a lightweight Java virtual machine (JV7M). Think of this JVM as a library that gets used for business logic and data access – the JVM is not a container for the whole application and it does not render the user interface. Rather, the JVM simply passes data to an HTML5 view, which renders the user interface.
Developers can code the application business logic in Java and the compiled bytecode can run on either the Apple iOS or Android platforms. The Java technology is optimized and has a minimal on-device footprint (around 10MB). Access to the SQLite database is available through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and support for web service requests
are available through SOAP or REST…”