video – Everything You Need to Know About Windows 8 in 8 Minutes

A quick recap of today’s Windows 8 keynote, featuring all the best stuff in a quickly digestible format.


13 key screenshoots for Windows 8 developers [BUILD 2011, Day 1 Keynote]

After all the wild speculations regarding it, Windows 8 was finally introduced to the public by Steven Sinofsky at BUILD Conference 2011. For the ones impatient to play with Windows 8, a developer preview (WITHOUT activation !!!) will be made available at For additional feedback on BUILD 2011/Windows 8 follow Twitter on #bldwin hashtag and/or my tweets here @devstonez

Here are some of the key features presented during the keynote that I managed to capture from the live stream (click the thumbnails for the full images):

Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 memory usage and performance

Windows 8 Platform and Tools: native, web or managed APIs over WinRT

Windows 8 Developer Platform and Tools: XAML, C#, C++, Silverlight, HTML5, Javascript

Windows 8 Store integrated in Visual Studio 11 (vNext)

Microsoft Expression Blend 5 Supports XAML, CSS3, HTML5, Metro Style controls/grids

Silverlight 5 to support new Metro Style conditional code

Silverlight 5 to support new Metro Style controls/grids

Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview PC/Tablet specs, includes “everything”, ready for development

Windows 8 Task Manger, unused “Metro Style” apps are suspended to save batery/cpu

Windows 8 enhanced multimonitor with “Metro Style” apps support

Internet Explorer 10 minimalist UI, fullscreen, desktop mode, Metro Style

Windows 8 SkyDrive sharing and full access to computers, phones over the shared Live account

Windows 8 SkyDrive and Live API cloud services with full access to computers, phones

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